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Audit and Beyond October 2020

In this month's issue we look at the three areas where pressure may fall on professional scepticism in a world after Covid-19. New faculty guidance on reverse stress testing to familiarise auditors with a useful analysis technique. A roundup of pandemic recovery advice for firms. Remote auditing your questions answered. John Selwood answers your questions in this month's audit clinic and an update from Europe on audit exemption thresholds.

Maximising the benefits of reverse stress testing

Reverse stress testing has the potential to help not only entities of all sizes but also their auditors, and the faculty has new resources to maximise the benefits.

Auditor's sailing into unchartered waters

Demonstrating appropriate levels of professional scepticism will be difficult during the 2020 reporting season. Katharine Bagshaw focuses on some prominent areas of concern.

Solving problems of the economy's comeback to Covid-19

The profession will play a leading role in the economic fightback following Covid-19.

The faraway audit

Get answers to some of the most asked questions about remote auditing.

John Selwood's audit clinic

Answers to questions on provisions available for audits of small entities dominate this month's clinic.

Tracking the changes to Europe's audit exemption threshold

An in-depth update of European audit exemption thresholds.