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Business and Management Magazine

The monthly magazine from the Business and Management team, containing topical news, views, practical advice and opinions covering a range of topics such as strategy, risk management, financial management, HR, IT, Leadership and many others.

2019/2020 current editions

Editions from 2016-2018 can be accessed from the left hand menu. For older editions please email bam@icaew.com.

BAM 285 June 2020

This issue includes: Adjust to the new world of work, how to separate work and home, the future of retailing, the way out of lockdown, Brexit eye: June 2020, how to be resilient, make your supply chain stronger.

BAM 284 May 2020

This issue includes: How to start your own business, mental health awareness, creating a succession plan, how accountants are changing, the business model of sport, how the luxury market works, the economic impact of Covid-19.

BAM 283 April 2020

This issue includes: How to motivate your workforce, Brexit and Covid-19, Life after a mental breakdown, The impact of Covid-19 on businesses, R&D Tax credit efficiency, Master the art of networking, Analysing the upcoming US elections, Investing successfully in Ireland, Casting a successful strategy.

BAM 282 March 2020

This issue includes: Make your life work for you, negotiating the UKs exit from the EU, using soft skills for personal gain, meet your customers needs in a changing world, take full advantage of 5G for your business, wising up to climate change, industry in focus: Gambling, the Brydon review, money saving for fleet managers and digital transforming your finance function.

BAM 281 February 2020

This issue includes: UK leaves the EU, tips to transform your finance team, new year predictions for 2020, IoT to save waste, can talent be learned, doing business in Russia, speaking up when something's wrong, drive your decisions with data, is it time to legalise marijuana and why productivity is so important.

BAM 280 December 2019/January 2020

This issue includes Pets in the office, Brexit eye, The non-technical skills you need tog et ahead, How to keep trading in the midst of Brexit, The fall of Thomas Cook, How to look after your IP, The rise of the union in 2019, Nine steps to take risk well.

BAM 279 November 2019

This issue includes Brexit eye, Priorities for internal audit, How to export to Asia, CFO diaries, How to avoid an employee strike, Is the conference dead, How to deal with bullying and harassment, The changing role of Treasury.

BAM 278 October 2019

This issue includes Addressing the privilege problem in innovation, Country guide - Peru, Accounting for product recalls, Getting the most out of your suppliers, Brexit news, how does the US and China trade war affect Britain, Investment vs organic growth, How wargaming can help with everyday conflict, How does whistleblowing help companies.

BAM 277 September 2019

This issue includes Prepare for LIBOR transition, How to survive in retail, Doing business in a new digital world, Make your meetings productive, How to succeed in casual dining, How to leave a job well, Is executive pay too high, How to keep on learning throughout your life.

BAM 276 July August 2019

This issue includes: How climate affects accountants, How to fund your SME, Getting out of your comfort zone, How to manage rapid growth, Key concerns for CFOs, The future of social care, Overcoming weak economy growth, Make the most of marketing, Digital transformation, Construction industry shapes up.

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