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Financing a business and treasury

Read our latest features and articles on financing a business and treasury management.

Superforecasting: How to improve your forecasting skills

ICAEW 17-02-2021

Forecasting is an essential skill for finance professionals and managers. Business decisions of all kinds depend on effective approaches to looking ahead. This guide outlines the core principles of “Superforecasting” which will help you develop your forecasting skills.

COVID-19: nine principles for finance professionals

Business & Management Faculty ICAEW 16-04-2020

16 April 2020 - The business impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) means effective cash flow analysis and forecasting have never been more important. This guide sets out some principles for adapting your approach to the current crisis.

COVID-19: Six actions for finance professionals on cash flow

Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 15-04-2020

1 July 2021: How to get cash flowing into your business. This guide shares six practical actions finance professionals may wish to consider when considering cashflow to support their businesses through the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Financial management implications of coronavirus

Business and Management Faculty ICAEW 24-03-2020

This guide, created by the ICAEW Business and Management Faculty, helps finance professionals with the practical financial management steps they can take to support their businesses through the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

How to fund your SME

Jon Scopes Business and Management ICAEW 06-08-2019

Jon Scopes details the key lessons learned at an SME funding masterclass ran by the Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund and ICAEW.

Research and development tax relief

Sarah Goodman Business and Management ICAEW 12-12-2018

Sarah Goodman discusses the changes to the R&D tax relief for SMEs announced in the Budget 2018.

SME lending overview

Richard Cree Business and Management ICAEW 20-06-2018

How is the rise of alternative finance platforms affecting the perceived shortage of SME lending?

Cash is King

Michelle Perry Business and Management ICAEW 12-09-2017

Restricted cash flow can be devastating to a business. Michelle Perry looks at how to ensure optimum efficiency.

Doing more with less

The Hackett Group Business and Management ICAEW 09-11-2016

Due to the challenges 2016 has presented, business leaders have the hard job of cost optimisation. The Hackett Group shares some ways to cut costs without causing a catastrophe.

It takes money to make money

ICAEW Business and Management Faculty Business and Management ICAEW 18-07-2016

When it comes to selling off your assets and leasing them back to release liquid funds, there can be both drawbacks and huge rewards to be had.

Unlock your fortune

David Craik Business and Management ICAEW 11-05-2016

Despite increasing funding for SMEs, small enterprises are still finding it necessary to seek out alternative finance. David Craik takes a look at some of the options.

Smart cuts

Andrew Wileman Business and Management ICAEW 05-02-2016

Managing and cutting costs (including staff costs) remain right at the top of management’s agenda. Andrew Wileman describes how to do this intelligently.

Stunted growth

Alison Coleman Business and Management ICAEW 11-12-2015

When taking on additional finance, it can be tricky to know what to choose to expand your business. Alison Coleman explores how getting into debt can help prevent further financial issues for SMEs.

Crowd pleasers - new financing models

Christian Doherty Business and Management ICAEW 10-04-2013

Crowdfunding, payday loans and other finance models have become popular since bank funding dried up. Christian Doherty finds out how they are shaping the market.