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Staff retention

Benefits, perks and the latest tricks to boost staff retention.

Employers are working harder than ever to attract and retain talent. The jobhopping nature of millennials, who are only a year or so away from becoming the largest generation in the workforce, adds to the challenge.

Low unemployment combined with the potential impact of Brexit on the availability of talent from overseas has made this a job seekers’ market. Organisations are under further pressure to find innovative ways of securing the talent they need to achieve growth and deliver business objectives, now and in the future.

Competitive salaries have always been a draw, but as countless surveys show, today’s employees want something more from their employer. Transactional perks are increasingly giving way to ‘softer’ benefits around lifestyle, personal development and flexible working as drivers of talent retention.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 268, October 2018.

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