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Data valuation: the key to more value creation

This Business and Management Faculty webinar took place on 26 April 2021.


“Now I can compare £1 investment in data with £1 investment in other assets.” Said a senior exec at a multi-billion-pound company. One transforming itself to succeed in today’s data-driven era. 
Data is a source of incredible value, one that’s only going to grow in importance for businesses. Successful finance leaders are increasingly the ones who enable their businesses to get the most from their data. Yet, for most organisations data and finance don’t work well together: 
•    Organisations spend approximately 5% of revenues on data costs, most of this indirect and unmanaged. 
•    Anywhere between 60 – 80% of data and digital projects fail, largely due to the data. 
•    Companies that use data effectively have 18% higher margins.
Join Herman Heyns, a qualified accountant with decades of experience in data and business as ex- data practice Partner at KPMG, EY and Accenture, and now founder of data asset management firm Anmut, to learn about:
•    The pro’s and con’s of different data valuation methods, so you can inform your senior colleagues when they ask about data value and monetisation.
•    The detail around putting data on the balance sheet, so you can be better informed for investors. 
•    The benefits of data valuation and what’s needed to support it, so you don’t waste time and money.