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The importance of successful deal origination from the view of private equity

Successful deal origination is important for corporate financiers. Marc Mullen speaks to advisers and uncovers private equity’s take on it

Feb 2020 Corporate Financier article imageEnsuring there is a steady flow of transactions to advise on is key for any corporate financier. And there is no ‘magic deal tree’. A successful approach to deal origination is paramount for any corporate finance business. There are different approaches to generating ideas for M&A or buy-outs. Some firms are looking again at bringing in specialist origination teams. It’s not something new, but perhaps lessons have been learnt where firms dabbled in such a specialism in the past.

Three years ago, Jonathan Boyers was promoted to lead KPMG’s corporate finance offering in the UK. Soon after, the firm launched a new growth strategy for the business, which included a rethink of deal origination. He explains: “We felt we could improve the way we managed our route to market, so we looked at what different competitors were doing.”