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Internal audit articles

Articles and feature from the ICAEW on internal audit

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Improve your organisation's level of assurance

ICAEW’s Internal Audit Panel has identified eight risk areas where boards and audit committees should be asking themselves whether they are receiving the objective assurance they need amid increased public scrutiny.

How to audit change

Change is a feature of doing business, but managing it successfully can be complex. This guide outlines how internal audit can help project managers implement changes by adopting good practices throughout the project life cycle.

Setting priorities to establish and expand internal audit

This guide considers seven challenges commonly faced by smaller internal audit functions and provides recommendations to help heads of internal audit establish and grow an effective function that can meet its priorities.

Culture shift: Changing internal audits

Internal audits of culture can help organisations get to grips with their DNA.

Behind the clouds: Getting the hang of cloud computing

Develop your awareness of cloud computing and its risks, with Peter Mandich’s introduction to the faculty’s new report for internal auditors.

9 Traits of an effective Audit Committee

Corporate Governance Community Corporate Governance Community Newsletter September 2018

Having an effective Audit Committee is essential for good corporate governance as it leads on financial reporting, internal controls, risk management and external audit functions.

The Age of Data

Audit and Assurance Faculty Audit and Beyond September 2017

Data analytics is becoming indispensable in internal audit. Our new report considers the risks and governance challenges this creates.

In Control

Chris Evans FS Focus May 2017

From India to banking crises, Pam Kaur, HSBC global head of internal audit and group managing director, speaks openly to Chris Evans about her life and career challenges

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