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Connect and Reflect

To succeed in the modern world, businesses must move away from defensive old-style news management and corporate positioning. ICAEW argues that if companies embrace a positive approach to corporate governance that ensures they connect with and reflect society, they will reap many benefits.

In a world where communication is immediate, global and uncontrolled, businesses must connect with and reflect society in their corporate governance.

Connect and Reflect describes an approach to communications which will benefit all stakeholders and lead to operational changes which will support this development.


Many existing approaches to corporate communication stereotype members of the general public as distrusting and cynical, and to some extent it has become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

To overcome this polarisation, companies should tailor their communications, replace caution with candour and become more accessible.

In the Connect and Reflect series, ICAEW will be publishing five papers examining this issue. The latest focuses on how whistleblowing helps companies.

Connect and Reflect reports

How to end excessive pay

How business will benefit

If firms are open and willing to change as a result of feedback then they will reap benefits, such as:

  • Further useful feedback from stakeholders.
  • Ability to explain constraints and long-term strategies.
  • Being seen as more accessible.
  • Leaders that have public respect.
  • Increased public trust.
  • A reduction in pressure for potentially disproportionate legislation.

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ICAEW is looking for representatives from across business and society to contribute to the Connect and Reflect discussion.

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ICAEW will be publishing a series of papers tackling controversial issues in practical terms. Share with us your experiences, thoughts and anecdotes about how companies thrive on social media, how whistleblowing helps companies, how employee directors add value, how to end excessive pay and how to mark governance out of 10.