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Listen to recordings from Forensic & Expert Witness Community webinars.

The Expert in Court


During this webinar Andrew Strickland, Consultant, Scrutton Bland examines various aspects of the expert in Court and provides insights into how that experience can go well, and how it can go horribly wrong.

Business valuers in court


This webinar explores and explains some of the bases of valuation which have been codified in the International Valuation Standards 2017.

Forensic & Expert Witness Community Annual Conference - 2016


The Annual Conference is the primary opportunity for UK forensic accountants and expert witnesses to come together for technical updates, to learn about developments relevant to forensic accounting and to network with others in the industry.

Business valuation - developments and reflections on recent cases

This webinar focuses on business valuation in a contentious setting. It draws attention to changes relevant to Community members in the world of business valuation, including topical references to recent fiscal valuation cases and shareholder dispute valuation cases.