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Interviewing skills for Forensic Accountants

Mike Mason, Barrister, 2 Kings Bench Walk, will discuss interviewing skills for forensic accountants.

The focus will be on the interviewing for a fraud investigation, but the principles will equally apply to other types of interviews.

Learn how to prepare for an investigative interview, develop interviewing skills and understand the principles of lie detection whilst conducting interviews.

The webinar will take you through:

  • how interviewing can be conducted in a manner that can be used in Court
  • what planning and preparation is required prior to conducting an interview
  • how to build a rapport with your interviewee
  • how to obtain a report of the matter at hand, and how to clarify and challenge your interview in a productive manger
  • the types of questions that you can use and under what circumstance each type of question is applicable and/or useful