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Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Community

Introducing the new chair

Author: ICAEW

Published: 04 Feb 2022

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This year sees the end of Nikki Spoor as chair of the Travel, Tourism & Hospitality advisory group and Tony Taccone taking over.

Tony said “It is a great privilege to be asked to chair this community group, and as my first action in doing so, I would like to thank Nikki for her hard work and dedication over the past few years – especially during the pandemic. She led the advisory group through a very turbulent time, which I will strive to emulate.”

Outgoing community chair Nikki Spoor commented that “The global pandemic brought a very challenging period as end to my term as chair of the travel, tourism and hospitality advisory group. This particular industry has been one of the hardest hit industries during the pandemic and I was glad to be able to assist those in the industry particularly during this difficult landscape in whatever way I could. I really enjoyed getting insight from my fellow members of the group and the ICAEW staff who have always been so helpful and professional. I am delighted to pass on this role to Tony Taccone and I wish him well guiding the group back into more normal times.”

The ICAEW wishes to thank Nikki for her time, valuable contribution and leadership across the years volunteered to the community.

Members who would like to join the advisory group are encouraged to reach out to the Communities department at communities@icaew.com

About Tony Taccone
Tony Taccone is a Chartered Accountant (ICAEW - Ernst & Young, London, Hong Kong and Sydney) with 32 years’ financial, operational, commercial and online digital experience in the UK, Europe and Asia predominantly gained within the B2C / B2B financial services, retail, ski, travel, leisure and holiday park sectors.