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'Flying is not the enemy, Carbon is’ - Recovery and Decarbonisation, the dual challenge facing airports

There is no question that the crisis unleashed by Covid-19 has hit the travel and tourism industries more than any other sector of the economy and the start of the recovery finds airports facing significant financial stress.

Covid-19 recovery and longer-term financial impacts on airports

It seems that we have embarked on the recovery from the pandemic, although we know that the road to full recovery (by which I mean a return to 2019 passenger levels to begin with), will be both long and uneven.

What Will Business Travel Look Like in The New Normal?

If there is a topic where the opinion was split right down the middle, it’s business travel.

Are retail spaces the next big thing for leisure and hospitality?

A trend over the last decade or more has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenge to retailers in the high street and shopping centres versus the boom in online shopping.

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