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How could your professional liability combined cover protect your accountancy business further?

Author: Marsh Commercial, ICAEW Member Rewards Partner

Published: 17 Jul 2023

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In the current business landscape, accountants face numerous challenges in providing their services efficiently and effectively. One important aspect often overlooked is the need for comprehensive office insurance. Office insurance offers protection against a range of risks and potential liabilities that can threaten the stability and reputation of your business.

Property protection

Many accounting businesses rely on their office spaces to conduct their operations smoothly. Office buildings and contents insurance provides coverage against unforeseen events such as fire, theft, or vandalism that can damage or destroy valuable office assets, including equipment, furniture and technology. By having office insurance, you can protect your investment in your physical office space, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations and client service.

Employee protection

When you employ a team, their expertise contributes to the success of your business. Combined policies from Marsh Commercial include employers liability insurance which is a legal requirement in the UK. This provides cover for employee-related risks such as workplace accidents, injuries or illnesses. Office insurance also protects employees’ personal effects. Arranging protection for employees demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe and secure work environment while ensuring compliance with legal obligations.

Public protection

When you welcome clients and visitors to your business premises it is essential you have cover in place should anything happen to them. Combined policies can also include public liability to protect against any legal liabilities you may face to a third party if you are found to be responsible. This may be a slip or trip, causing injury to them or damage to their property whilst on your premises. Although public liability is not a legal requirement, it offers peace of mind knowing that visitors to your premises are protected.

Cyber protection

With the increasing reliance on digital technologies, accounting businesses can be vulnerable to cyber threats and data breaches. These incidents can expose sensitive client information, and can lead to financial loss and reputational damage. With our exclusive professional liability combined insurance policy for ICAEW members, you also receive £250,000 cyber cover as standard which can help you manage the costs associated with data breaches, including legal expenses, data breach notification costs and business interruption following an attack or breach. With cyber cover in place you can enhance your cyber security measures and mitigate the risks associated with cybercrime.

Working from home

With many businesses now offering hybrid or flexible working, employees are often working from home or away from the office. Working from home can bring new risks which may not have been a consideration prior to the pandemic. That is why we extend the benefits of our contents insurance to cover those colleagues who work from home. One of the biggest risks with working from home is cyber security, so it is important your team are aware of how to work safely from home. It may also be worth considering additional cyber insurance for greater protection.

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If you would like to arrange a new office insurance quote, please contact the team at Marsh Commercial on 0345 894 4684 or visit the website for more information. We can also help with your professional indemnity and cyber insurance requirements for all round protection for your business.

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