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Wyman Symposium 2020 - Exploring the digital agenda

Author: Tax Faculty

Published: 22 Oct 2020

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The Covid-19 crisis has had a profound impact upon the way we work and tax is no exception. Tax authorities are leading in the way and we are seeing a ‘dash for a digital tax system’.

HMRC has published its digital roadmap, with MTD for VAT to be extended to all VAT registered businesses in 2022 and to income tax in 2023. ICAEW is concerned to ensure that in this headlong rush to digitalise tax systems and administration, the digital agenda must prioritise business needs and ensure that the benefits to taxpayers are maximised.

This Symposium brings together five expert speakers who each provide their own perspectives on what a good digital tax system and administration should look like, followed by a panel Q & A session with participation from the audience.

Broadcast on 21 October 2020

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