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National minimum wage: avoid being named and shamed - it’s not a low pay or software problem

NMW is not just the headline rate of employees’ pay but has its own rules. This webinar from the Tax Faculty provides NMW worker definitions, NMW pay definitions, NMW hours definitions and what deductions from pay count for NMW.

The number of high-profile employers who have been included in BEIS’ National minimum wage naming and shaming list in recent years should be a wake-up call to all businesses that this area of compliance is not about the headline rate of pay for employees and therefore cannot be solved by reporting routines within your payroll software.

In this webinar Kate Upcraft explores:

  • Whether you have salaried or time workers and the impact of worker definitions
  • The definition of pay for national minimum wage which bears no relation to tax and national insurance definitions
  • The deductions and reductions in pay that can trip up employers and agents
  • The recordkeeping requirement in terms of National minimum wage hours that inform the hourly rate calculations