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Cloud computing

News, opinion pieces and case studies aimed at helping members gain a better understanding of cloud services.

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My system is down - what do I do now?

In the last couple of weeks, a significant number of accountants, their clients and businesses will have been affected by “major outages” with cloud accounting software.

Excel community project rescuing the lost archive part 6

So far, the visualisations that we have used in our BI report have come from the gallery of built-in visualisations. One of the great strengths of Power BI, and one of its greatest advantages over just using Excel, is the range of additional visualisations that are available.

How to audit the cloud

Cloud computing is transforming business IT services, but it also poses significant risks that need to be planned for. This practical guide for internal audits outlines how they should assess risk management.

Tech essentials - 10 steps to cyber security for smaller firms

While the fundamentals on how to protect yourself, your business and your clients remain essentially unchanged, the context in which we write about them continues to shift. Cyber criminals are always finding new means of attack and we all need to keep up to keep them out.

Webinars and recordings

Taking your practice into the cloud

Chris Downing, Global Director for Accountants and Bookeepers at Sage, talks about the importance of having a cloud first approach for your practice, the benefits it brings to your clients, and the value and opportunities it brings to your practice.

Digital accounting systems: an overview and roadmap for adoption

Matt Flanagan, Managing Director at Bluehub, describes the types of add-ons and applications in the cloud account ecosystem in this webinar. He also outlines the process for applications with clients and gives top tips for the journey with technology.

Adopting the cloud: considerations for your business

Expert Thinking's Ben Fry outlines how moving to the cloud has the potential to transform your business and significantly enhance your value proposition. In this webinar, he explains the key issues you need to consider before implementing the technology.

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Finance in a digital world

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Cloud computing: friend or foe

Article looks at the risks associated with moving to the cloud which organisations must consider and the necessary of adoption of risk management strategies to ensure safety and control.

Avoid cloud archiving's perfect storm

Article discusses hove organisations should be aware of costs and issues around moving data from and between clouds to enjoy the best advantages.

How colocation fits with a cloud-native roadmap

The article discusses how colocation datacentres fits with cloud-native architecture to effectively support business organizations in exploiting growth opportunities and rebounding from their loss during the coronavirus crisis.

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Useful links

Applying IFRS – Accounting for cloud computing costs

Guide from EY on how entities might account for cloud computing arrangements within the requirements of IFRS. It discusses cloud computing arrangements that include intangible assets, where they do not, and evaluating whether arrangements contain a lease.

Enterprise Risk Management for cloud computing

Guidance to establishing cloud computing governance leveraging COSO’s frameworks. Useful for those at the initial stages of implementation but also a useful for thhose who have completed implementation to evaluate and improve cloud governance where necessary.

Guidance for audit committees on cloud services

NAO guidance providing an overview of cloud services and outlining government policy on their use. It then sets out specific questions for audit committees to consider asking when engaging with their management at three stages: Assessment; Implementation; Management.

Cloud Computing

Overviews and beginners guides to cloud computing from Tech Donut.

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