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July/August 2021

In this issue: Change management; topical tech news from around the world; how and why deepfakes work; project failures; artificial intelligence; formatted accounts; cyber attack on the US's Colonial Pipeline; and technology and the BEIS White Paper on audit reform.

How to manage change in the workplace
Old habits die hard. Nathan Keeley explains how to successfully manage change by getting your people to buy into the new process.

Byte size: tech news roundup
COVID-19 and the increase in online scams; new proposals to regulate AI in the EU; security for smart devices; the end of third-party cookies; Bitcoin as legal tender; and the Colonial Pipeline ransom recovery. Sandra Vogel reports.

What are deepfakes and how can you spot them?
Deepfakes are moving beyond fake news and YouTube into the sphere of cybercrime. Christian Doherty explores the threat and exciting possibilities of synthetic media.

3 lessons to learn from IT’s biggest project failures
Budget issues, breach of contract and criminal errors – what’s your IT project poison?  Kirstin Gillon takes a close look at three failed projects and explains how we can learn from our mistakes in the future.

Are EU proposals for AI helping to restore public trust?
David Lyford-Tilley explains why Europe is keeping a close eye on AI with new regulations designed to control its use, measure its risk and deal with bias.

What are the business benefits of artificial intelligence?
Artificial intelligence can transform business. But are you ready for it? Tim Vorley explains how to get started with AI technologies and discusses the tools resulting from recent research.

Navigating practice management in your firm
Choosing the right software, investing time and working out your priorities is key to better practice management. But are the latest software products essential for
asks Lesley Meall, or are options already within your grasp?

Excel tips: How to reorganise data with Power Query
Excel expert Simon Hurst starts his series on producing formatted accounts.

Why does the BEIS consultation on audit reform ignore technology? 
From AI to automation, cutting-edge technology is changing audit and could introduce methods outside current legislation. BEIS should consider its influence, argues David Lyford-Tilley.

What cyber security experts can learn from the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack
Leo Waldock analyses the cyber attack on the US’s Colonial Pipeline and why paying hackers isn’t such a good idea.

Chartech: July/August 2021

Chartech: July/August 2021

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