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March/April 2021

In this issue: Operational efficiency; topical tech news from around the world; agility is gaining popularity; surveillance of employees; big tech regulation; lessons from the FRC's consultation; pursuit of ethical AI; app stacks; and flaws in tech.

A strategic approach to success in remote working
Nathan Keeley explores the reasons why firms need to find long-term solutions to increase success and efficiency from remote staff.

Byte Size: tech news roundup
UK advances in cyber security; the biometric future of online payment; the evolution of wireless charging; technology as a global risk; why a wifi and 5G alliance is critical; and a look at how Ofcom plans to smooth broadband switching.

The importance of being agile
Rashad Shamim explains why quick responses and adaptive project management is crucial in today’s changing world, and introduces the principles and practices of the agile approach.

How to oversee remote employees while respecting their privacy
Kirstin Gillon explores the privacy issues surrounding corporate interest in digital surveillance as a way to boost productivity in employees working from home.

The right way to regulate big tech
Kirstin Gillon outlines recent developments in the regulation of big tech companies.

The role of technology in audit
The results of the FRC’s consultation on tech’s place in audit have been published. David Lyford-Smith takes a look at the lessons for the future.

What is explainable AI?
The artificial intelligence and machine learning boom has led to concerns about ‘black box’ models and systemic bias. A solution to this is to build explainable AI. Technical Manager David Lyford-Smith explores what that means and how it can be done.

How to build an app stack
Not sure how to pick the right tools for your technology stack? Lesley Meall speaks to firms about their experiences and insights.

Hacking vulnerable targets
Leo Waldock explains why hackers remotely accessing a water facility in Florida was a wake-up call to the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure.

Chartech March/April 2021

Chartech: March/April 2021

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