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September/October 2021

In this issue: Tech Faculty is changing; topical tech news; public trust in data; cryptoassets; benefits of RPA; cyber crime insurance; hybrid working; Power Query; spyware; and data strategy

Effective cyber crime insurance 
Ransomware attacks on businesses and other cyber crimes are an ever-increasing threat across all industries, but is current cyber crime insurance worth it? Adam Leach explains how the market is adapting to the risk landscape

Building a data strategy
Kirstin Gillon summarises the key points from the Tech Faculty’s recent webinar on creating a data solution that works for your business, including data lakes or data warehouses, cyber security, the cloud accounting space and avoiding closed systems

Cryptoassets and auditing
While cryptoassets are growing in popularity, there is a lack of specific guidance on dealing with the issues around them, including over-reliance on blockchains, ownership of cryptowallets and even criminal dealing. Auditors will need to ensure best practice, says David Lyford-Tilley.

Byte size
The cost of data breaches; monetising voice assistants; funding for UK cyber firms; small and wide data for analytics; post-pandemic innovation and growth; and UK streaming habits. Sandra Vogel reports

Adapting technology and security for homeworking
Lesley Meall examines the questions that remain about the technology required to support post-pandemic hybrid working – and whether accountants can adapt to the changes

Mastering tech and data
The Tech Faculty is changing in 2022. Chartech will cease publication but there will be more, targeted, online tech information and support – including a reduced price for the Excel Community – for all sizes and shapes of organisations, plus regular newswires on trends, policy and thought leadership

Spyware and smartphones
Android beats iPhone in the spyware game, says Leo Waldock

Helping people to trust data and information
Trust in information is declining. From data management and analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning, to data storytelling and the influence of stakeholders, chartered accountants will have an increasingly vital role to play to ensure that societies have access to reliable facts

Robotic process automation
Automation can help process increasing volumes of data, give an opportunity for upskilling to data science, computer programming and project management, and allow accountants to spend more time with clients

Automatically producing formatted accounts with Power Query
In the second and final part of his series on creating formatted accounts, Simon Hurst explains how to produce them automatically with Power Query
Chartech: September/October 2021

Chartech: September/October 2021

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