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Digitalisation: new service line opportunities

Increased use of cloud-based digital solutions is proving hugely beneficial to firms in running their own businesses as well as their client’s.

In its latest IT spending forecast released in early April 2021, Gartner said that global information technology spending will grow 8.4% to $4.1 trillion in 2021, driven in part by enterprises accelerating their digital transformation plans. Although many may feel they are being pushed towards digital especially due to HMRC’s MTD roadmap there are opportunities to be gained from the switch. We talk to firms that have advanced down the digitisation path to find out how their businesses have changed and what they have gained.
  • The shift to cloud
  • New services resulting from the move to cloud
  • Need to balance cost
  • Benefits of increased frequency in client touch points
  • Challenges of cyber attacks
  • Mapping the process and understanding your people
  • Dedicated digital team
  • New service lines developed since digitisation (outsourced finance function)
  • Training staff and bringing them along on the digital journey

First broadcast on 18 October 2021

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