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What's your data strategy?

Demystifying data. Before organisations can gain any value from data it is critical to have a clear data strategy that ties into an organisation's overall strategy.

Only then can businesses identify what data will help achieve their long-term business goals.

This webinar sets out the basics of developing a data strategy from which data models to use and validation to security and GDPR challenges. It also covers how to ensure you're using the right data, data governance structures as well as technology and infrastructure needs for a new data strategy.

The webinar covered:
  • Data models
  • Third party data streams for validation
  • Adapting to current ways of working
  • AI and graphs
  • Security and GDPR challenges
  • The need to upskill staff on data management
  • The requirement for a unified data model to centralise data in a single source of truth

First broadcast on 8 July 2021

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