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Market foundations

Society benefits when markets are efficient and when they deliver desired public policy outcomes. Such markets will have as their foundations participants that can trust and be trusted and accepted standards of behaviour that are promoted by effective and efficient mechanisms.

Business and economic crime in an international contextBusiness and economic crime in an international context

01 January 2010

A review of international law and practice in relation to crimes committed by or on behalf of business.


Acting in the public interest a framework for analysisActing in the public interest: a framework for analysis

01 January 2010

We set out in this report a practical framework for use in respect of proposals which may be, or have been, justified as being in the public interest.

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Ethical behaviour is not just a matter of concern and media debate but of crucial importance.

Economic crime

Access guidance, resources and tools relating to the prevention of economic crime, including legislative developments, anti-money laundering, fraud, bribery and corruption, and modern slavery.