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Are you making the most of your local ICAEW South Wales Town Groups?

Author: ICAEW

Published: 06 Aug 2021

Historically, town groups mainly existed to provide CPD training for chartered accountants. As the number of training organisations increased and online courses started to appear, the need for local groups to organise courses diminished and quite a few groups fell into natural decline and folded.

However, many of the groups still run, being asked to perform a new dual role - as a channel for two-way communication between ‘grass roots members’ and ICAEW centrally and as mutually supportive ‘chat shops. The idea is that professionals will get together over a pint, a meal, or a coffee, to share problems and solutions, and to feed back to the ICAEW any issues and suggestions for change. The aim is to draw in sole practitioners and professionals from small organisations who have no obvious peers to ‘chew the fat’ with, and no voice on the ICAEW’s national committees.

Members have been heard to say: “There have been times when I wished I’d known another chartered accountant in a similar position in the region” the town groups should save others from this situation, besides being an excellent way to help ensure that the full diversity of ICAEW members is heard.

The key to each group’s success is grass roots members as the driving force, and we have a good network of groups across the region. Below is a list of the groups and if you would like to join one of them please contact Bev Waters the ICAEW Regional Director (Beverley.waters@icaew.com) and she will put you in contact with the member leading the group so that you can pop along and find out a little more.

  • Cardiff Town Group
  • Cardiff Inn Group
  • Vale of Glamorgan Group
  • Newport Group
  • Carmarthen Group
  • Crickhowell Group
  • Swansea Town Group

Most will be meeting face to face with the occasional meeting via video conferencing.