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SAL’s Christmas Quiz 2020 – The Results


Published: 11 Mar 2021

The question on everyone’s lips: “In which film does James Bond proclaim he is an accountant?”… you’ll have to read the answers to find out!

Well, the results are in and it was a close run thing.

Everybody knew that the only live performance on Top of the Pops by the Fab Four was Paperback Writer; that the national anthems of Bosnia & Hertzogovina, Kosovo, San Marino and Spain have no lyrics; that in 2002 Grigori proved the Poincare conjecture, one of the seven Millennium Prize mathematical problems set by the Clay Mathematics Institute (the latter simply the result of Googling “Grigori” and “Clay”); and that the first RIBA Sterling Prize for architectural excellence went to The Centenary Building in Salford (easy peasy using Google)!

Yes, Piggy Lee became Miss Piggy; Panama hats are a misnomer as they are made in Ecuador; Anfield’s banners reading YNWA was for their fans’ anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone; and whilst the answers to the last question were all Saints, nobody spotted the fact.

However nobody knew that Mr & Mrs Bernstock were the first owners of the Queen Vic in Eastenders (despite the massive clue that question 4 in SAL’s Christmas Quiz is always TV related); and nobody knew that the number of successive buttons on the tunics of the five regiments of the Royal foot soldiers distinguished them.

And with no further ado, the results, which were very close (just one point between first and third):


  1. Luke Harris, an ICAEW Scotland member and former Committee member (and his cousin, a frustrated James Bond fan who didn’t know in which film James Bond declared that he was an accountant!);
  2. Richard & Marion Hellewell; Richard is a long-standing ICAEW Scotland member and frequently represents the group at quizzes throughout Scotland; and
  3. Chris Coleman, et al; Chris and his team are former winners of SAL’s Christmas Quiz.

Yet again, nobody’s score was even close to 100% (all three winners were only just over 50% despite the marking this year being very lenient due to some unfortunate typos in the questions). Can anyone get even close to perfection? Not when you are up against SAL!

SAL's Christmas Quiz 2021 is already being compiled, so you have only 10 months to wait for your next brain drain!

Thanks to all who participated.