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Bindi Palmer, Elected Representative UK Thames Valley


Published: 08 Sep 2022

Find out about Bindi's experience as an ICAEW Council member.

I am a Senior partner in a 6 partner practice in Beaconsfield looking after a large portfolio of audit and non- audit clients.  My client base includes many international groups as well as UK standalone entities.  I also have built up strong relationships with many international Firms through my work with an international alliance Praxity.

I joined Council as I believed I had the skill set to deliver the role as well having the opportunity to contribute to the challenges facing the profession-whether that be Audit regulation and quality or promote diversity and inclusion by offering a different perspective borne out by my own experiences.

If anyone is considering joining Council, I would say it opens up a world where you can influence change, offer views on matters that are important to you and ultimately be part of the strategic journey of ICAEW.  To achieve the best from the role you do need to commit the necessary time and get stuck in.

You also meet some very intelligent and interesting people!

I have just completed my first year and pleased to say that I am enjoying been part of the Governance review.

Bindi Palmer