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Voting for the contested seats in 2023’s ICAEW Council Elections has finished and the results are in.

The elections were conducted by Civica Election Services (CES) on behalf of ICAEW. You can find the election report covering all three constituencies here

The following members have been elected to ICAEW Council and will serve a term from 6 June 2023 – 1 June 2027 (date of the AGM). 

On behalf of ICAEW, we would like to thank all of the candidates for their efforts and time spent canvassing and to all those who voted this year.

Europe & Eurasia

Candidates First Preferences   
 SEPPÄ, Julia  225  Elected
 GURNEY, Jonathan  116  
 RICHTER, Marzena  68  
 Totals  409  


Candidates First Preferences   
 FAIZ AZMI, Mohammad
 291 Elected 
 LIM (DAVID LIM), Hun Soon  257  
 Totals 548  


Middle East

Candidates First Preferences  
ZAMAN, Syed Asif
138 Elected 
AFRIDI, Noor Karim 78  
Totals 216