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David Crackett, Elected Representative Europe and Eurasia


Published: 07 Sep 2022

Find out David's experience as an ICAEW Council member.

With the 2017 introduction of elections for ICAEW Europe & Eurasia constituency, I became the first Elected International Council Member. 

Already in the twilight of my career, it was an incredible honour to represent over 4,000 ICAEW Members in my constituency on Council.

But how did I get here? 

After qualifying in 1974, I transferred to Deloitte Milan, becoming Partner in 1984. I retired from Deloitte in 2010 and set up as a Sole Practitioner focusing on international business. 

So, to be elected to Council, I had the benefit of over 40 years of international experience, mostly as a Partner with a Big 4 firm, and of being an “Active Member” for many years as the ICAEW Contact Member for Italy. 

Although I had an extensive knowledge of the region, as well as of the ICAEW culture, activities, and structure, I was still overwhelmed by the initial impact of being a Council Member. I had to go through a steep learning curve in the initial period before having the opportunity and privilege of becoming more involved in Council activities. I was elected to the ICAEW Nominating Committee which deals with elections and co-options to Council, ICAEW committee nominees and other appointments. Through this involvement I have been able to focus on seeking more participation in our Institute’s activities by International Members.

As the first Elected International Council Member, it was an incredible honour to represent over 4,000 ICAEW Members in Europe & Eurasia

So, what would I say to people considering joining Council?

Yes, it’s a big commitment and involves a lot of your personal time, but: you’ll make a lot of fantastic friends from the most diverse backgrounds, you’ll be at the leading edge of our profession, and you’ll contribute to real innovation.

Now, as one of Council’s more Senior Members, I can confirm you’re never too old (or too young) to make an active contribution.

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