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David Brigham

Council member biography - David Brigham

  • Admitted to ICAEW:1974
  • Joined Council:2023
  • Retired


I began my career in Hull, with Hodgson, Harris and Co. where I served my articles and had a wide variety of experience in the profession. This was followed by a very interesting time in the internal audit department of Hawker Siddeley Aviation at Brough which, as well as audit work, included the installation of new financial and costing systems. Back to the profession for a year with Whinney Murray in Hull, where I was introduced to my last employer.

I spent then thirty nine years with East Riding Holdings Company, a very successful packaging manufacturer and motor retail group in the SME sector, in charge of accounting and computer systems, together with other general management responsibilities.

I retired in 2014 and have since been active on the Humberside District Committee as the retired member helping organise the monthly members lunch and occasional days out for retired members.

Although I have always lived and worked in the Humberside District, I regularly attended the York town group meetings for many years and this led to me being elected to the committee. In the year 2000, I became the York Society President.

In 2001, there was a council vacancy for an industrial member for Humberside and I was co-opted onto council followed by my election to council in 2002 until 2006.

In 2003/04 I was also the Humberside District President. My activities in York also led me to become a Scrivenor of the City and I am a Past Master and a member of the court of that guild.

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David Brigham