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Troubleshooting hints and tips for booking on to an event

Having trouble booking on to an event ? Here are some common technical issues and tips on how to resolve them.

When I click a link, it takes me back to the home page, why? (Page looping when trying to book)

When booking make sure that you are logging in with the correct record/membership number and email. Using credentials that aren't correct is the primary cause of this issue.

Sometimes with new accounts, you may need to clear your cache and cookies in your internet settings before the site will recognise the new account.

Please note: the first time you try, you may notice it takes longer than usual to load. This is because the browser provider has to re-cache the data again.

If the above fixes do not resolve the issue, please contact the Events Information Team. You can contact us via webchat or telephone on +44 (0)1908 248 159. Alternatively, please complete a contact us form.

I cannot book onto an event I am eligible for / I am not getting the correct price

Please make sure you are logged in under the right account. If you do not log in with your primary record number, this will cause issues booking onto certain events and getting discounted rates.

If the account you are using does not have the right access, you will be presented with the below error message.

Screenshot of error message

If you are using the correct account and you are seeing the above error message, please contact the Events Information Team for assistance.

Trouble making payment for an event

Please ensure the billing address matches the address the card is registered to. The address you have on your account on the events website will also need to match the address on your regular ICAEW account. Any conflicting address details will cause booking issues.

Please note: your account will need to include a registered address to enable you to book onto chargeable events.

To check these details, please login to your account and select 'Account', followed by 'Account Dashboard', then click 'My addresses' to ensure we have an address on file for you. You can also add addresses here. Please note changes can take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Screenshot of Events page - Account dashboard

In the unlikely event the changes have not saved, please contact us to ensure your account is up to date.

I have forgotten my password

To reset your password please Click Here. Two options will be provided; to reset your password via email or online.

Screenshot showing how to reset password

I have forgotten my username

If you are an ICAEW member, your membership number will work as your username.

However, if you are not an ICAEW member or cannot remember these details, please click here to send your username to your registered email address.

Note: Please also check your junk folder if this does not appear within 15 minutes.

Screenshot showing how to email a username reminder

How do I change personal details on my events account?

Records for your events and general ICAEW accounts are separate. To update your events account information, please log into your account on the ICAEW events website.

Screenshot of Events page - Account dashboard
Screenshot of the Account Dashboard

Click 'Account Dashboard' at the top of the page.

On this page you can make changes to any details under your account. Here you can update addresses, change payment methods, and re-send booking emails to yourself.

Please ensure you save any changes. It can take up to 24 hours for them to show on your account.

In the unlikely event the changes do not save, please contact us to ensure your account is up to date.

I have been charged twice (duplicate payments)

If you have been charged more than once for an event, please contact us to investigate. You will need to provide evidence via email to show the duplicate payment(s) have left your bank account. Do not include any personal details - a screenshot showing the payments with amounts, dates and our reference is sufficient.

Event Information Team

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