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Student Societies

Did you know that there is a student society near you? Want to learn more? Here you’ll find more information on student societies, from what they are, to how you can get involved.

What is a student society?

A network of ACA students which are divided up geographically. Each society is run by a committee also made up of ACA students who meet regularly to organise local events, discuss matters that effect students an­­d report back to ICAEW.

There are 18 active societies operating in the UK, and a number of active International societies.

How does it work?

You are automatically allocated to your local student society based on your primary home address when you register with us and start your ACA training.

This means you will receive email communications if there any upcoming events and you can follow your local student society across various social channels.

You can also keep an eye out on our events page for events near you or in your region. If you are travelling for work, there may also be events that you can attend.

What events do student societies run?

Each student society will have a different annual program of events. You can expect a mixture of social, sporting, professional and educational events.

This could include the annual dinner, revision sessions, new starters events, social or an inter-firm football tournament, for example. 

How do I get involved?

Throughout your training, you have the opportunity to get involved in your local society as frequently as you choose.

You might decide to follow your local society on social media, attend an event or volunteer your skills by registering to become a committee member.

What happens when I become a member? 

Once you qualify as an ICAEW member, you will be allocated to your local District Society automatically - the address you use to register with ICAEW will determine the district society to which you are allocated. The district society is there to support you throughout your career, by creating opportunities for you to meet fellow members, build your networks and focus on your professional and personal development. 

  • range of initiatives and activities 
  • tailored event programmes 
  • achieve your ongoing CPD requirements 
  • technical insight and industry specific activities
  • develop soft skills
  • personal development programmes 

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