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Student Societies

Did you know that there is a student society near you? Want to learn more? Here you’ll find more information on student societies, from what they are, to how you can volunteer on your local committee, or simply attend an event near you.

What is a student society?

A student society is a network of ACA students which are divided up geographically. Each society is run by a committee also made up of ACA students who meet regularly to organise local events, discuss matters that effect students and report back to ICAEW.

There are 18 active societies operating in the UK, and a number of active international societies.

How does it work?

You are automatically allocated to your local student society based on your primary home address when you register with us and start your ACA training.

This means you will receive email communications of any upcoming events. You can also stay up to date with events near you or in your region by following your local student society across various social channels and by regularly visiting our events web area. If you are travelling for work, there may also be events that you can attend.

What events do student societies run?

Each student society will have a different annual programme of events. You can expect a mixture of social, sporting, professional and educational events.

This could include an annual dinner, revision sessions, new starters events, social or an inter-firm football tournament, for example.

How do I get involved?

Throughout your training, you have the opportunity to get involved in your local society as frequently as you want.

You might decide to follow your local society on social media, attend an event or volunteer your skills by registering to become a committee member.

Joining a student committee

Each committee group is made up of ACA student volunteers and there are a variety of roles available.

You can apply for an executive role including Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, and ICAEW Student Council (ISC) representative.

You can also join a committee in a non-executive role such as a Social Media representative or the local firms representative.

How to join a committee:-

  1. Find your local committee
  2. Register your interest
  3. The Chair of the student society will contact you
  4. Attend a meeting or event

It is as simple as that! If you are looking to apply for an executive role, this is decided at each annual general meeting.

What is in it for you?

There are lots of benefits to volunteering on your local committee including:-

  1. Opportunities to meet fellow students
  2. Building a network of friends who are at the same stage in their career as you
  3. Developing new skills outside of work including networking, communication, creativity and leadership
  4. Having your say in issues that affect current students and their training

Above all, joining a student committee is extremely enjoyable and rewarding.

How much time does it take up?

This can vary due to how active your society is, your role and the size of your committee. The more you put into it the more you get out.

Some societies will meet every four months and hold bi-annual events, while some meet monthly and hold events every other month.

Roles are all manageable between your work, studies and social life. However the societies do look for committed individuals to join their committee.

If you would like more detailed information, we recommend you contact your local society to find out more.

Committee roles

The structure of the committee depends on the size of the society. However each society will have the following key roles and responsibilities.


  • Lead the executive committee meetings and be an active ambassador for the group
  • Delegate and manage the committee to meet their objectives
  • Organise social activities, working collaboratively with other committee officers


  • Prepare the annual budget
  • Regularly monitor revenue and expenditure
  • Provide quarterly reports to the ICAEW Student Council (ISC)


  • Prepare and distribute committee meeting agendas in advance
  • Organise meetings and send out invitations; write and distribute meeting minutes

ICAEW Student Council (ISC) Representative

  • Attend the ISC meetings four times a year (meet other reps from the different societies) and report back key findings from those meetings
  • Complete ISC quarterly reports (liaise with the Treasurer for the cash movements)

Sponsorship Representative

  • Responsible for finding sponsors for the events
  • Liaising with existing sponsors on potential new/existing events

Committee Member

  • Help the committee to fulfill its objectives, participate in activities
  • Represent and promote ICAEW and the society within your own firm

Terms and conditions

All office-holders must be current ACA students in a training agreement or full ICAEW members qualified for up to two years.

While other students, including independent ACA students, ICAEW CFAB students, and students of other accountancy bodies, are welcome to offer a helping hand in terms of ideas and organisation, they are not allowed to hold office.

Independent ACA, ICAEW CFAB and students from other accountancy bodies can attend events. However some events may have restrictions (for example – only open to ICAEW students).