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ICAEW Student Council (ISC) is the leading body for students studying the ACA. It brings together student representatives from around the world, providing a voice and a feedback mechanism for you and your thousands of fellow training students.

What does it do?

The student council meets quarterly across the UK and communicates with all areas of ICAEW. The council is often asked to feed back their opinions of recent exams, and often are given first hand information about changes prior to any other students.

In addition the chair also sits on ICAEW’s governing council ensuring students have a voice at the very top of the Institute.

ISC Chair and Vice-chair

ICAEW Student Council (ISC) has elected its new leaders for 2022/23. The current Chair is Sam Hutson and the Vice Chair is Dominic Buttery. You can read more about them in this article Students know better than anyone what is going well and what needs to change. 

If you want to get involved with the ISC or have any questions please contact student.groups@icaew.com or contact Sam and Dom below.


Sam Hutson Northallerton
Pictured: Sam Hutson

Sam Hutson

I work for my parents’ firm in Northallerton, a small town in North Yorkshire, and we’ve been going for nearly eight years now. It’s a small family business and we’re very ingrained in our local community.
I was introduced to the Northern Chartered Accountant Students’ Society when I was a trainee in Teesside by the then Chair and ICAEW’s regional business development manager and now here we are. 

Dom and I have quite a long list of things we want to try and tackle over the next year, but one of the main ones is trying to disseminate awareness of us as a Student Council to students. And as a knock-on getting the student societies a bit more well-known too.
One of the things Dom and I have discussed is keeping going the positive things that have been done by our predecessors Dan and Fiyza, such as their work around Diversity and Inclusion, and social mobility, we need to keep getting more people involved and I want to keep going with those more regular virtual meetings that keep us in touch with ICAEW as a global entity. 



Dominic Buttery
Pictured: Dominic Buttery

Dominic Buttery

I am a third-year trainee at the International Financial Group Limited, studying for my Advanced Level exams. I had a friend who was Vice Chair of the Isle of Man Student Society, and he invited me to their AGM. I was put on the spot at the AGM and found I had agreed to become Secretary! Since then I’ve enjoyed the ICAEW Student Council as a community.

Our biggest – and most important – challenge as the Student Council of the international student societies is getting students to know who we are, what we do and why we do it. The importance of that is we as students can actually have a say in what this qualification means and what it can become. My main goal this year is to support Sam in delivering our strategy.


Student Groups

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