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ICAEW Student Council (ISC)

ICAEW Student Council (ISC) is the leading body for students studying the ACA. It brings together student representatives from around the world, providing a voice and a feedback mechanism for you and your thousands of fellow training students

What does it do?

The student council meets quarterly across the UK and communicates with all areas of ICAEW. The council is often asked to feed back their opinions of recent exams, and often are given first hand information about changes prior to any other students.

In addition the chair also sits on ICAEW’s governing council ensuring students have a voice at the very top of the Institute.

ISC Chair and Vice-chair

ICAEW Student Council (ISC) has elected its new leaders for 2019/20. The new Chair is Jake Holdroyd and the Vice Chair is Fiyza Awan.

If you want to get involved with the ISC or have any questions please contact either.


Jake Holdroyd

Jake Holdroyd

Jake is a Chartered Accountant at Tax Plus, Ramsbottom.


Fiyza Awan

Fiyza Awan

Fiyza is a Business Services semi-senior at Hart Shaw LLP, Sheffield.