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ICAEW define a secondment as work that is performed outside of your training employer. Secondments can be very valuable and can help you to broaden your work experience and skills set.

Time limits applying to secondments during your training agreement period:

  • you may gain up to half of your total practical work experience on secondment to an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer
  • you may spend up to a third of your total practical work experience on secondment to an organisation which is not an ICAEW Authorised Training Employer.

These limits may only be exceeded by applying in advance to the Student Support team.

Maintaining your online training file whilst on secondment

Whilst on secondment, your six-monthly reviews should continue with your QPRT or counsellor either in person or online if required. As well as continuing to evidence of progress in ethics and professional development, you will also need to record your practical work experience within the specific secondment section of your online training file.

Gaining audit experience whilst on secondment

A secondment may affect your eligibility for the Audit Qualification.

You may count audit experience gained whilst on secondment towards the Audit Qualification as long as:

  • it is gained with an ICAEW authorised training employer;
  • it is a statutory company audit work or work similar to this; and
  • you are able to undertake this work in a UK or EEA registered audit firm.

If you require further support on what is eligible experience towards the Audit Qualification, contact aq@icaew.com

Part-time working

Training may be undertaken on a part-time basis at ICAEW’s discretion. Typically, working 3 days per week requires a 5-year training agreement, working 4 days per week requires a 4-year training agreement, and working 5 days a week requires a 3-year training agreement.

If you are considering moving to part-time work, you should discuss with your QPRT or your counsellor before contacting us.

If you need further information, please contact us.

Student support team

The student support team is here to help. We recommend that you contact us via our Live Chat or chatbot Mia first.