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Community webinars

Event Date Recording
A closer look at university finances
Join this webinar as our experts take an in-depth look at university finances and explore mainstream of incomes, discuss the viability of university models and answer questions from the audience. Exploring the financial health of the higher education sector with rising interest rates, cost rises and a fee freeze.
21 March 2024
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A numbers game: the employability of accountancy students
Exploring the curriculum and strategies on enhancing employability skill set in a post-pandemic world.
6 October 2023 Listen again
How higher education can cope with the rise of tools such as ChatGPT
Explore AI's impact on Academia, taking into consideration potential risks and ethical concerns.
29 July 2023
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Introducing sustainability into your university curriculum
Listen to case studies and ideas for research projects introducing and embracing sustainability into the curriculum.
3 May 2023 Listen again
Has the pandemic changed teaching forever?
Our panel from academia, professional exam tuition and soft skills delivery explore how lockdown has affected their work and made lasting changes to pedagogies.
2 December 2021
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Understand how universities report their financial results
This webinar showcases how universities report their financial results. Our speakers provide insights into financial reporting standards and more.
13 May 2021 Listen again
The purpose of the organisation?
This webinar focuses on how organisations are changing to reach sustainability targets and delegates will have the opportunity to ask questions to our speakers.
11 March 2021
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How to enhance your online presentation skills
Gain insight into virtual classroom learning, and identify how to revolutionise training delivery.
11 September 2020 Listen again

Other webinars

Event Date Recording
Job hunting in a competitive market
Learn all there is to know about getting the right job for you in 2021.
11 May 2021
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