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Black Members Community articles

Read the latest articles from the ICAEW Black Members Community.

Imposter Syndrome: the lived experience

1 March 2021: Mental health speaker Nick Elston shares his experience of living with and overcoming Imposter Syndrome on stage and outlines what chartered accountants can learn from this.

Black History Month: boosting diversity at partner level

19 October 2020: EY’s Shaun Scantlebury discusses his work to support diversity and inclusion, his career milestone of becoming a partner this year and his views on actions firms can take to increase black representation at a senior level.

ICAEW marks Black History Month

30 September 2020: In the wake of recent global unrest, this year’s Black History Month takes on a new resonance. ICAEW Chief Executive Michael Izza outlines the challenges accountancy faces regarding representation and how ICAEW intends to drive change.

Five steps to promote diversity at work

10 September: Writing for ICAEW’s Financial Services Faculty, consultant Sonya Dreizler covers different ways we can think and recognise our privilege to better promote diversity in the workplace.

My grandmother’s Windrush experience

22 June 2020: this Windrush Day, ICAEW’s Communities Manager, Marcia Dyce, shares the story of her grandmother’s journey to the UK from Jamaica in 1952, and the life she built for herself in Britain.