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Support for individuals on diversity

ICAEW is committed to supporting all of its members in ensuring they are pursuing a career which embraces their diversity. Here ICAEW has collated a series of resources and information, including support in understanding your requirements of the UK Equality Act 2010, and networks to meet like-minded people and share your experiences.

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Returning to work in your 50s

If you're looking to return to work in you're 50s, you're not alone. According to the UK Department of Work and Pensions, close to 70% of those aged 50 to 64 now work, compared with 55% 30 years ago. Here CABA gives its top tips to help you secure a new role.

Why older people will need to work longer

In this economia article, David Adams examines why more older people are going to need to work for longer and what this means for them, as well as employers, the economy and society.

Working after state pension age

According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the number of people working (or seeking work) over the age of 65 has topped the 1 million mark. Here CABA lists the key things that anyone approaching State Pension age, but not ready to give up work needs to know.

Member profile: Richard Cartwright

Having left university, Richard Cartwright was a 14 days into a graduate post with KPMG when a horrific accident left him permanently paralysed. Here he describes how he refused to let the accident hold back his career, and why he will always see where the challenge takes him.

Disability discrimination

Discrimination legislation protects the rights of disabled people in employment, education, and access to goods and services. On this page you can find articles, books and online resources offering guidance in this area of law.

Of women in the 21st century

In this podcast for the RSA, Shadow Attorney General, Shami Chakrabarti, argues that gender injustice is the greatest human rights abuse on the planet, and proposes a new way forward.

Member profile: Jean Stephens

As part of economia's coverage for International Women’s Day 2013, it published this interview with Jean Stephens, CEO of RSM. The interview covers her career path, and asks what she believes might hold women back in their careers. Stephens says: "We need to change the corporate mindset."

Career Breakers Community

ICAEW’s Career Breakers Community is a forum for members planning to return to work after a career break. It offers a space to connect, collaborate, offer feedback and opinions, share information and ideas and give and get support.

Understanding post-natal depression

At least one in 10 women in the UK is thought to experience postnatal depression (PND) after they have a baby. CABA has compiled information on the causes, potential symptoms and details of support available for women suffering from PND.

Profile: Beth Brooke-Marciniak

When Beth Brooke-Marciniak, Global Vice Chair of Public Policy for EY, announced at an LGBT event that she was gay, it made her the most senior out female executive in the world. In this economia article from March 2016, she talks about her drive to increase diversity, promote inclusivity and defeat hypocrisy – including her own.

Profile: Dame Inga Beale

Dame Inga Beale, Lloyd’s of London CEO, talks to economia about pushing the market into the modern age, tackling diversity and dealing with Trump and tornadoes. Read this article from January 2018.

Member profile: Dr Ashley Steel

Named in the World Pride Power List, Dr Ashley Steel describes herself as a working class girl who’s always put her clients first. In this economia interview from 2013, she explains what drives her.

Denton's LBGT network

Global law firm Denton's launched its LGBT+ Network in 2017. The group is dedicated to connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, nonbinary, queer and questioning colleagues, as well as their allies. Find out more.

Member profile: Deborah Harris-Ugbomah

Deborah Harris-Ugbomah discusses her experiences of non-executive roles in the public sector, in this economia article from September 2016. She argues: "When you have a requirement that a NED must have 25 years of unbroken experience running a complex division of a major multinational firm, for example, you’re automatically excluding a large number of, if not all, women and most ethnic minorities."

Profile: Harris Bokhari OBE

Harris Bokhari OBE knows the value of mentoring, having seen how his father inspired people from minority communities. As a national advisory board member of Mosaic, a Princes Trust mentoring programme for children from deprived communities, he is continuing a family tradition

Member profile: Rashpal Singh Hullait

Rashpal Singh Hullait has never ducked a challenge. From facing down racism and competing in martial arts, to never giving up on his beloved Arsenal. In this economia article from September 2017, he explains where he gets his tenacity from.