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Probate diversity data results

All firms accredited for probate services are required to collect, report and publish diversity data about their employees. While this is a regulatory requirement, there are many benefits to focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Probate diversity survey results

The results of ICAEW’s fifth biennial diversity survey of firms regulated for probate is now available to download. We hope this report continues to support the evolution of ICAEW’s diversity strategy and help direct its commitment to better diversity within the profession.

The engagement by firms with the monitoring exercise continues to be excellent, over 93% of them had responded within the required timeframe. The data accordingly covers a total of 353 firms involving nearly 10,000 staff. We are grateful to the firms and their staff who have contributed to this review.

The data is intended to help practices identify new areas for growth in the delivery of their accountancy and legal services and to allow benchmarking with similar practices and the wider marketplace.

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