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Economic update and your personal finances: A Covid-19 world

Author: ICAEW

Published: 23 Sep 2021

The world has changed fundamentally since the outbreak of COVID-19. The question we are faced with is how permanent will these changes be. We will examine what the end of the 11 year expansion cycle looks like, as well as what the next day may look like for the global and the UK economy.

First broadcast 21 May 2020


In this webinar we will address:

  • Snapshot of how financial markets/ different assets classes have reacted to COVID-19
  • Historical perspective to illustrate how other crisis have impacted asset values
  • Risk assets generally recover in due course but how long could that due course be?
  • Implications of COVID-19 on the global economy
  • Lessons/ top tips for individuals on how to organise their personal affairs / investments to navigate their way through this

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