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International council members can communicate with members in their region through quarterly newsletters. Below you will find all the messages sent out during their current council terms.

Messages from Q2 2024

Dipak Chummun

Dear Members

I was co-opted onto the Council in the latter half of 2023 to cover Africa. As a brief introduction, I am based in Mauritius and am the Group CFO of IBL Ltd, the largest diversified group based in Mauritius with businesses across several industries on the island, across Indian Ocean islands and East and West Africa. I am also a Director of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and was its Chairman until the end of 2023.

My main goal is to ensure that the institute takes measures to reach potential and existing students as well as members to ensure the ensure the strong reputation our institute has on the continent is preserved and even enhanced. Africa is going to grow fast and having top tier professionals operating out vast continent is of paramount importance.

I have had the chance to have informal discussions with some senior members in Mauritius and during an upcoming business visit to Kenya, will take time to meet some senior members to get an update from them, and seek their views on how the institute can support members, add value and grow membership numbers across the broader East African region. I am looking forward to deepen my understanding of the needs of the continent. As it stands 90% of members in Africa are based in 5 countries, in decreasing order: Mauritius, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe respectively. I think we can do more.

At the end of June, the Pan African Federation of Accountants (PAFA) is hosting its AGM, preceded by the Professional Accountancy Organisation (PAO) leadership and technical forums, in Mauritius. I will seize the opportunity to meet some of its members to understand what their missions are.

To end on a very positive note, I am very proud to say that at the annual dinner of the institute in March, the institute awarded the outstanding achievement award to Eddie Uoko, the former Auditor General of Kenya. I encourage you to read the article on Eddie Ouko receives ICAEW Outstanding Achievement Award | ICAEW. I will have the pleasure to meet Eddie again on my upcoming trip to Nairobi.

I aim to give you an update on the above in due course.

Dipak Chummun

I’d like to thank the Institute for the opportunity to serve it. I aspire to contribute to its growth and future success by bringing something new to the table by virtue of my international experience in consulting, banking and industry, growing businesses in different parts of the world.

My starting hypothesis, upon joining the council, is that we have an opportunity to grow members outside the UK significantly and we should seize this opportunity. In particular Africa has less than 1% of global members, less than 1500 overall. With a young population where 40% are less than 15 years old approaching the age where tertiary education choices need to be made, I believe we should identify the best markets and deploy the right means to attract new students to become ACAs across the continent.

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Dipak Chummun
Dipak Chummun ICAEW Council Member for Africa

Dipak has spent nearly 20 years in senior Corporate and Investment Banking, Strategy, M&A and Finance roles at country, regional and group level. He sits on the Boards of a number of listed and regulated companies and is also the current Chairman of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius.