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International council members can communicate with members in their region through quarterly newsletters. Below you will find all the messages sent out during their current council terms.

Messages from Q4 2023

Vishesh Chandiok

I am delighted to introduce myself as one of the recently appointed Council Members representing India. It’s great to have the opportunity to join council, learn more about the governance of the Institute as well as the emerging issues for our profession. India is already a $3.5tn economy, just bigger than the UK, and expected to become a $35tn economy by 2047, it's 100th anniversary of independence. I do hope we can start to leverage the immense resources of the Institute in India, particularly to help the fast growing space of over 1,500 Global Capability Centres of most major and middle market corporations.

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South Asia also have a network of contact members, who are points of contact for members' enquiries on living and working in South Asia.

Vishesh Chandiok
Vishesh Chandiok ICAEW Council Member for South Asia (India)

Vishesh is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Grant Thornton Bharat LLP and considers himself to be a first-generation entrepreneur. He became the youngest member to be elected to the Global Board of Governors of Grant Thornton the ultimate decision-making authority in the organisation, from 1 January 2016 until 31 December 2021.