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Take a deeper dive into Croydon

2018 will be the year that Croydon shows it really means business, writes RSM’s Emma Milgate.

Emma Milgate

March 2018

Whenever I say I am from Croydon, I always seem to get a sympathetic smile. Clearly the associated reputation brings pity from others but scratch the surface a little deeper and there’s a lot more to Croydon than you think.

Croydon is an area that is undergoing significant development from the new buildings and Boxpark at East Croydon to the Westfield development, due to start in 2019. This will be a major investment in Croydon, creating jobs and stimulating the local economy.

New plans have been unveiled for development at our famous football club and Regus has announced that it is setting up a new business centre which will have 300 workstations within a minute’s walk from West Croydon station.

Croydon council has launched the inaugural Croydon Year for Business, which aims to showcase Croydon as a great place to do business. During 2018 a variety of events are being held and further details can be found at Croydon Means Business.

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Our business communities continue to thrive. Croydon Tech City is creating a tech hub for the future budding entrepreneurs of Croydon, while the Croydon Chamber of Commerce represents a community of small business owners helping others in the Croydon business community.

Croydon Tech City’s current activity includes:

  • writing a Croydon Tech Playbook for the council to help it expand the Croydon tech boom across the borough;
  • a free Code Club for primary school children at Croydon Library (ground floor) every Saturday; and
  • a new workspace for tech start-ups in Purley Youth Centre, created by group called TechEmbrace.

To find out more and get involved, visit the Croydon Tech City website.

Our own ICAEW branch, ICAEW Chartered Accountants Croydon, is very active in the business community hosting regular events for our members, full details of which can be found at ICAEW Chartered Accountants Croydon.

With Croydon’s regeneration and investment on the horizon, it presents us with an excellent opportunity to get more involved in a local growing business community.

Emma Milgate is an associate director at RSM.

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