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Is life returning to the new normal?

A quick view from the office & my church by David Trodden from the London Society of Chartered Accountants.

November 2021

Are we back in the office?

The tubes are feeling much busier both in the mornings & the evenings. The number of masks being worn on the tube is worryingly low. About a third of my fellow passengers (mostly younger) do not feel the need to wear their mask which I find worrying. Their all appearing younger maybe due to me feeling my age (66)?

Now that I am back in the building it feels very good. The building security staff check that my NHS negative test notification is three days old or less in a firm but friendly way. I feel safer knowing they are checking.

Mask wearing in class is required of our students, mostly 18- to 24-year-olds. My colleague had advised to take a few spare masks to gently offer to those who had forgotten their mask. Perhaps the government wants herd immunity among the younger members of the population?

Which of my colleagues will I meet today? Some are coming in on 2 & others on 3 days. Will our choice of days align, I do hope so.

How was church yesterday?

Singing with fellow members of the congregation felt so very good at St Barnabas Kensington’s 10:30 Family Service.

Helping with the 3- to 6-year-olds in Little Lions was great fun. Our very courageous leader held the session in part of the church grounds. The young ones were very happy to have so much space outside & we were blessed with sun & wind but no rain. The favourite game was us throwing large soft footballs & if we hit anyone they had to go use the slide. Much excitement for all.

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