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Let's Fuel up Now

Viresh Paul, president of the London Society of Chartered Accountants asks for readers opinions on the new London Accountant format.

October 2021

Viresh Paul

This is the fourth issue of the new version of the London Accountant. Those of you with longer memories will remember receiving a printed copy in the post which was stopped many moons ago. In the meanwhile, the magazine became digital with articles uploaded on the LSCA pages of the ICAEW website.

You may have noticed that the articles in this new version also appear on the ICAEW website alongside some additional articles which do not fit within the structure of the PDF magazine but which are signposted from within the PDF version.

I mention all this intending to hear from our readers about what they think of the new format of the magazine. We would welcome your honest reviews and perhaps we can share them with the rest of our readers in a future issue. So, could you drop us a short note about any positive or negative comments you may have to help us make this an even better publication; one that is aimed at the 38,000 (yes, up from the recent figure I may have mentioned of 37,000) members which constitute the London district society.

We do not plan to print the magazine as part of our sustainability drive. However, the November issue will have a limited print run. Next month’s issue will in fact be printed in a limited number for distribution at our flagship event at the Mansion House on 5 November which is the Pan Accountancy Lunch. Incidentally, if you have not booked for that now is the time to do it before we run out of places.

The London Accountant is part of our aim of improving communication with our members. The other project which we have re-introduced is to bring back the LSCA District Directory. This again is in the digital format and lists all the subcommittees and groups that work under LSCA. The idea is to make members aware of what is happening and how much effort is being put into our organisation by volunteers who are selflessly serving the overall London membership.

You will have seen an example of one very active committee for which I have nothing but praise. That, by the way, is the taxation committee that has made a very detailed submission recently on the proposed changes relating to the basis period of taxation. I would urge you to read that submission and you will see for yourself the amount of work that is being done by our group of volunteers.

There are of course other committees and if you want to find more details about them, then do look up the district directory which should be on the ICAEW website and can be found by clicking on the link here.

The other reason for drawing your attention to this directory is to seek more volunteers to join some of these committees. Do please get in touch with the chair or me if any committee appeals to you and we will invite you to one of their meetings. You can then see exactly what the committees are doing, what you would be expected to contribute and what time commitment is required. I can assure you it will be a most rewarding experience.

Apart from the subcommittees, we also have our area societies covering different parts of London and whose objective is to organise local networking events and CPD program. I appreciate that some of these have gone virtual but I understand a number of them will come back to the normal basis if only for the social kind of networking events where you can meet other members of the Institute and share your ideas and vision for the future of the profession and the institution we are all proud to belong and for which we worked so hard to qualify.

The London Society of Chartered Accountants is part of ICAEW and your district society. It needs you. Will you join us?

London Accountant

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