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Essentials CPD: use holiday time to plan study time!

Why not make the best of your downtime by reviewing 2019’s essential line up of CPD training courses, tailored for LSCA members.


August 2019

As part of its commitment to supporting you throughout your career, the LSCA’s continuing professional development programme, Essentials CPD, can provide the learning force you are looking for.

Designed and delivered by experts who are passionate about the profession, Essentials CPD will provide you with technical expertise to keep you up to date, maintaining your reputation for quality work and reinforcing your commitment to professional and ethical standards. 

The LSCA’s 2019 CPD programme is designed to help you maximise your own potential and help your team to fulfil theirs.

What’s coming up:

Corporate Tax Review

This seminar provides an opportunity to update and refresh your knowledge on corporate tax issues, looking at the slightly larger business which may have some more complex corporation tax issues such as transfer pricing, loan relationships, loss capping etc.

Personal tax update

This seminar will cover changes in personal tax over the last 12 to 18 months covering the following tax areas: Personal income tax; Capital gains tax; Inheritance tax; Residence and domicile developments, offshore issues; The taxation of savings including pensions; Personal digital tax account developments; and, HMRC processes including simple assessment.

Tax update (spring and autumn)

This seminar, depending on the timing, will include an update on tax changes since the Spring Finance Act, and possibly any Budget content that has been announced. It will also examine some of the future proposals in tax, identifying situations where your advice to clients may have to change.

Tax update for OMBs and their owners

This seminar will provide an update on the topics relevant to owner-managed businesses, whether they are sole traders, partnerships or limited companies. 

VAT current issues and problem areas

This seminar will focus on any recent developments in VAT, highlighting and explaining any changes and important case decisions. As it is unlikely that much will change in the lead up to the UK leaving the EU, the course will also highlight the current state of plans (if any) for a post-Brexit value added tax.

Accounting/financial reporting update (autumn)

Using feedback from the QAD and ICAEW Technical Enquiry Service, this seminar will identify areas where accountants need to improve the quality of financial statements both for entities, large or small. In particular, the seminar will look at early adopters of the revised FRS 102 to identify problem areas and examples of good practice.

Accounting for ‘small’ entities (FRS 105, 102 (1A)

Since the withdrawal of the FRSSE many organisations have had to report either under FRS 105 or FRS 102 (with the option of 1a). This seminar looks at common issues that have arisen since adoption (for example directors and related party transactions) and looks at practical ways of dealing with them.

FRS 102 update

In December 2017 the FRC released amendments to FRS 102 as a result of the triennial review. These amendments are mandatory for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2019 (with early adoption permitted).

Audit and assurance update (autumn)

Formerly part of the Audit Essentials Roadshow, this seminar will provide a round-up of all the latest news in auditing for the busy audit practitioner using practical examples and case studies. The seminar will help auditors get to grips with the latest changes and what is hot in auditing. This is a topical event and the precise content will reflect that.

Translating technical know-how into effective business partnering

In finance, we need to align ourselves to what the business has to achieve. There are growing expectations and demands on finance, at a time when we are under pressure, to show cost leadership and be more efficient. There’s a common movement throughout the finance profession to move from a ‘bean counting, information providing, transaction processing role’ to a ‘professional advisory and facilitating role’ where finance staff are seen as joint problem solvers. This seminar explores what’s needed to fully realise business partnering relationships.

17 September 2019 (am) 1 Wimpole Street, W1

26 September 2019 (pm) Kempton Park Racecourse

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