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LSCA Committees

Apply to join any of the specialist committees through which the LSCA makes representations on a range of issues on behalf of its members.

Main Committee

Deborah Harris-UgbomahThe LSCA Main committee meets quarterly to discuss how to respond to issues facing accountants in the capital.

LSCA President: Deborah Harris-Ugbomah

Business Board

Anzo FrancisThe purpose of Business Board is to further the interests of business members by giving them opportunities to develop their skills and networks.

Chair: Anzo Francis

Events from the Business Board:

Upcoming 'Business Bitesize' events

Please note all events are currently scheduled to run online. We shall update this page should anything change.

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Central London Small Practitioners Group

The Central London Small Practitioners Group meets to discuss matters of topical interest and to receive briefings by leading speakers on legislation and other developments.

The group meets on the third Thursday of each month at Ambrian plc, Old Change House, 128 Queen Victoria St, London EC4V 4BJ. A residential annual conference is held every October.

Chair: Robert Mass
Contact: Jill Holland
E jholland@blackstones.co.uk

Regulation and Ethics Review Panel (RERP)

The purpose of RERP is to monitor current and proposed regulatory and ethical requirements, as they affect members in practice, to ensure that they are both proportionate and contribute to the maintenance of high professional standards. It is particularly concerned to ensure that due regard is given to the likely impact of proposals on small practitioners.

The scope of RERP comprises ethical and regulatory issues that affect the regulated practice areas of audit, financial services and insolvency, as well as learning and professional development, and practice assurance. It extends to any instance concerning how chartered accountants in practice conduct themselves and their business but does not include purely technical matters, such as financial reporting and auditing practices.

It monitors and discusses proposed regulatory and ethical requirements with a view to ensuring that the views of RERP on key issues are made known while there is still a chance of influencing the outcome. This is achieved either by preparing direct responses from RERP or, more usually, by conveying these views to ICAEW staff for inclusion in their responses. It aims to keep all LSCA members informed of current developments and to seek their views on regulatory and ethical issues. It achieves this via regular online communication and the holding of briefing sessions.

RERP draws to the attention of the Main Committee matters of particular interest or concern via regular reports on its activities. Its membership includes representatives from various sizes of practice as well as others who have an interest in the regulatory and ethical regimes. RERP meets a maximum of four times a year. Urgent matters are dealt with by correspondence between members.

Chair: Nigel Smeeton
E nigel.d.smeeton@uk.gt.com

View RERP's terms of reference

Taxation Committee

The Taxation Committee responds to consultation and other papers on taxation matters issued by the Inland Revenue, HM Treasury, ICAEW and other bodies. It also makes detailed representations on issues such as the Finance Bill proposals. It provides the opportunity for lively debate and selects certain topics for broader discussion and publication in London Accountant magazine. 

Chair: Adrian Mansbridge
E adrian@acmco.co.uk

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee comprises members in business, in practice and in academia. It also contains representatives from the various branch and area societies.

The committee meets six times a year to discuss technical matters relating to IFRS, UK GAAP, auditing and corporate governance, with the results from the discussions being used to influence ICAEW’s policy positions.

Chair: Jamie Tomlin
E Jamie.Tomlin@crowe.co.uk