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International tax

How is taxation evolving as we emerge from crisis planning and into recovery?

Don't miss out on our daily summary of the actions governments are taking to combat the impact of the virus on their populations and the global economy. We also produce daily summaries of the actions that regulators are taking and how global business and markets are recovering from the pandemic.

What COVID-19 means for the future of tax


With the pandemic increasing pressure on public finances, could this prompt overdue discussions on tax reform? ICAEW's Head of Tax Frank Haskew and independent adviser Martin Wheatcroft reflect on recent announcements and challenges facing the Chancellor.

Tax post COVID: an international view


The pandemic has presented governments with opportunities to reform their tax systems and introduce incentives to encourage investment and post-pandemic growth.

ECA calls for better exchange and analysis of tax data


25 February 2021: Fair and effective taxation in the single market continues to be hampered by insufficient sharing of tax information, according to a recent report issued by the European Court of Auditors.

To succeed digital tax systems must work for all


28 October: The digitalisation of tax offers significant potential benefits for taxpayers and agents, as well as administrations, but these will not be achieved without collaboration agree industry experts at the Wyman Symposium.

Digital tax system must be inclusive


20 October: The road to enable agents to see and do everything their MTD clients can before April 2023 is under construction says Roy Wallace, HMRC’s Director of Making Tax Digital.

Brexit and customs: taxing times


10 September: It’s now a matter of months before Britain transitions out of the EU. It could prove challenging and costly for businesses that aren’t prepared.

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