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How mobile apps are revolutionising service industries

23 January 2020: from food delivery and fitness to farming and travel, apps are changing the way businesses work. With the trend set to continue, accountancy firms could be next in line for an app. Be inspired by five of the best service apps on the market.

Fiit: bring the gym home with on-demand home fitness regimes

It’s not always easy fitting a gym session into a busy schedule, which is where Fiit comes in. The interactive fitness app has been dubbed the "Netflix of workouts". Users can connect the mobile app to their TV or laptop and choose from a variety of gym classes. There’s a selection of workouts for strength, cardio and balance; all led by high-profile fitness experts. Without gym restrictive timetables and opening times, users can work out however and whenever they want. 

TripAdvisor: the ultimate travel and food guide

Whether it’s a theatre in London, a restaurant in Madrid or a hotel in Bali – TripAdvisor is the app of choice for reviews. Anyone can add reviews for restaurants, attractions or hotels they’ve visited, so users can find out what’s great (and what’s not so great). Users can also use the app to book restaurants, hotels and more. 

Farm Management Pro: giving farmers more time to do what farmers do best

Farm Management Pro is a prime example of how technology can be used to transform even the most traditional of industries. The smart farming app can handle everything from recording livestock data from birth to sale; managing crops; recording machinery service histories and tracking employees’ timesheets.

This simple app eliminates a lot of laborious farm admin, allowing farmers to plan ahead and control their operations more efficiently.

Deliveroo: restaurant to door takeaways

There’s been a spike in food delivery apps making it easier than ever to get a takeaway to your door. Deliveroo offers even more choice than the traditional takeaway cuisines, delivering food from chain and independent local restaurants. Users can browse the whole menu on the app and pay via card, so there’s no need to have cash ready at the door. While other food delivery apps charge businesses commission per order and require them to provide their own delivery drivers; Deliveroo has drivers working across an area for multiple restaurants, making it more cost effective for businesses. 

NoteVault: recordkeeping made easy with audio dictation

Creating detailed and comprehensive reports is a time-consuming, daily chore for many construction industry workers. The NoteVault app’s advanced recordkeeping technology enables them to create professional reports using the power of their voice. Users can record their notes in the app, then transcribers convert the audio into text that appears as a report. Translation is also available for non-native English-speaking team members, making it easy to create coherent reports without any confusion.