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Modernizing Accounting For Dummies

Author: BlackLine

Published: 10 Nov 2021

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Accounting teams are asked to do more every day. You need to do all the things you’ve always done, and also guide the business with real-time data and analytics. Of course, you want to be that business partner, but who has the time?

We can’t add hours to the day, but we can make better use of our time. That sounds lofty, perhaps even impossible. It isn’t. It is more achievable than you think.

We partnered with the For Dummies brand to write the book on Modernizing Accounting For Dummies. It will help you understand the real cost of manual accounting processes and discover how you can eliminate and automate them to focus on more strategic work.

After reading this book, you will understand how to:

  • Get started with accounting automation
  • Complete more work in less time
  • Drive effective change management

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BlackLine solutions for Finance & Accounting (F&A) centralise and streamline financial close operations. Designed to complement ERP and other financial systems, the BlackLine Finance Controls & Automation Platform increases efficiency, visibility, control and compliance to ensure end-to-end financial close management. BlackLine’s mission is to continuously improve the quality, accuracy and efficiency of F&A by centralizing key functions within a single cloud platform. Enabling customers to move beyond outdated processes to a Continuous Accounting model, where real-time automation, controls and period-end tasks are embedded in day-to-day activities. More than 3600 companies in over 130 countries around the world trust BlackLine. www.blackline.com

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