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HMRC’s Charter needs independent oversight, says ICAEW

3 August 2020: ICAEW responds to the consultation on draft revisions to HMRC’s Charter, calling for more detail behind the aspirations, specific performance measurement criteria and independent oversight by a body such as the National Audit Office.

ICAEW has made a representation ICAEW REP 50/20  on draft revisions to HMRC’s Charter, in response to a consultation published in February 2020.

HMRC’s Charter sets out the standard of behaviour and values that HMRC aspires to when interacting with customers (taxpayers).

The consultation addresses the proposed changes to the HMRC Charter, including whether the draft wording sets the right standards for HMRC customer service and whether it covers the areas that are most important to taxpayers. It also addresses how HMRC should monitor its performance against the Charter.

ICAEW’s view is that the accessible format of the draft should be retained but should be backed up with more detail on how the aspirations translate into actions with specific measurement criteria against each action. ICAEW also calls for HMRC to be held more accountable for its performance against the Charter, perhaps through independent review by a body such as the National Audit Office.