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Tax news from March 2020

Latest news on the UK tax system, brought to you by the ICAEW Tax Faculty.

COVID-19: Directors on PAYE can furlough

31 March: Company directors that receive salaries through PAYE can be furloughed and apply for a grant of 80% of their salary during the coronavirus pandemic, ICAEW understands.

A new look for Tax News

31 March: The Tax Faculty is migrating its news onto the ICAEW's Insights hub, joining the dynamic resources that feed ICAEW's new Daily, Weekly and Monthly emails, and ICAEW's support on high profile topics, such as the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19: Digital options to communicate with HMRC

27 March: ICAEW has been inundated with queries around how businesses should manage communications with HMRC in light of the new restrictions. The Tax Faculty has put together this update on where HMRC is now accepting digital communications.

COVID-19: increased support available through tax credits and universal credits

Updated 1 April 2020: the government has announced measures to support the incomes of employees and the self-employed but some will not be eligible for these schemes. For those that do not qualify the government has made some changes to the support available through working tax credits and universal credit which will provide some help.

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