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Tax news from March 2020

Latest news on the UK tax system, brought to you by the ICAEW Tax Faculty.

COVID-19: How to manage HMRC and tax compliance

19 March 2020: we anticipate and hope that HMRC will apply a more relaxed approach in the way it interacts with ordinarily complaint businesses who are facing difficulties as a result of COVID-19. However, an understanding of the basic rules around managing disputes with HMRC will be helpful when navigating the ramifications of COVID-19. The Tax Faculty share questions that may be useful to consider.

COVID-19: Support on negotiating time to pay

18 March 2020: as the Tax Faculty seeks further clarification from HMRC on the support for businesses which are having difficulty paying tax bills due to COVID-19, it shares useful tips on how to negotiate with HMRC.

VAT zero rating for drugs prescribed by doctors from EEA

17 March 2020: from April 1 2020 until the end of the transition period, drugs prescribed by ‘appropriate practitioners’ from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland will be zero rated for VAT, confirms HMRC.

Highlights of HMCR’s latest Employer Bulletins

17 March 2020: ICAEW’s Tax Faculty summarises HMRC’s latest Employer Bulletins, which included commentary on the Budget announcements and information on the changes to off-payroll working.

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