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Tax news in brief

Short updates on developments in the UK tax systems from 4 - 10 November 2020.

4 November:

Applications open early for new Scottish Child Payment
Social Security Scotland has confirmed that they are opening applications for the new Scottish Child Payment on 9 November, earlier than it had anticipated. The benefit will provide eligible families with an additional £10 per child, per week, from "early 2021". By the end of 2022 the Scottish government aims to provide the benefit for all eligible children under 16, the first applications can be made for children who will be under six-years old on 15 February 2021. Read more

COVID-19: Working hours for tax credits
The Low Income Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has reported that changes to the tax credit working hours rules due to COVID-19 will remain in place until the closure of the Job Support Scheme. The changes mean that anyone who has a temporary change to working hours due to coronavirus is treated as continuing to work the same number of hours as they previously worked for tax credit purposes. Find out more from LITRG.